Living in A Vegan World: Why Vegans Love Being A Vegan

Transitioning from being a non-vegan to becoming vegan is a difficult choice; imagine you have to completely change your lifestyle just to live like one. But, why do vegans love being a vegan?

Based on several studies, reviews, and personal blogs, these individuals found several vegan benefits that are hardly accomplished and appreciated by non-vegans. But, who are vegans?

Vegans are individuals whose advocacies are focused not only on the food they eat but also with the products that they use; living in a vegan world, all foods and products derived from animals are excluded. However, with the surrounding environment and temptations, becoming vegan can be very challenging. Despite it all, below are the reasons why vegans love being a vegan:

Reason #1: Providing the animals a better place to live in

One of the basic and obvious reasons of being a vegan is their advocacy to eliminate animal cruelty, through reducing or eliminating the consumption of animal-based food and products; through this advocacy, you are providing the animals to have a better place to live.

Reason #2: It is safe to use

Did you know that there are several foods and products that contain harmful substances? Products like the regular toothpaste were found to contain harmful ingredients such as Sorbitol (can cause stomach irritability), Saccharin (found to have significant link to bladder problems, brain tumors, lymphoma), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (foaming agent, which is found to cause Canker Sores and even cancer too), and several other more.

Vegan’s foods and products are free from any animals, including animal testing or experiment, so it is safe and ethically acceptable to use. Anyway, since vegan diet and products are free from chemicals and fats from animals and are made with 100 percent all natural ingredients, chances of getting health problems are slim. For instance, using cruelty-free vegan toothpaste is an effective way of promoting vegan advocacy and keeping oneself healthy. If you want to know everything about cruelty-free vegan toothpaste you may check, this great site that covers best vegan toothpaste.

Reason #3: Improving health

The vegan diet benefits every vegan’s health; for instance:
•    It helps control and combat obesity
•    It helps treat respiratory problems such as bronchial asthma
•    It aids in the prevention of cancer
•    It helps lower the blood pressure and control the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body
•    It helps maintain and sustain the health of the cardiovascular system
•    It aids in delaying aging process due to the anti-aging properties that are found mostly in vegetables
•    It helps prevent and control diabetes
•    Keeps the bone healthy 
•    Improves ones’ overall health

There are several other reasons why several people, at this toxic modern age, are converting to becoming vegans. Despite the difficulties of being a vegan and pursuing a vegan life, all efforts are paid off by the time they get good health result of becoming a vegan.

So, why do vegans love being a vegan? While there are several reasons to that, one thing is guaranteed, vegans love being a vegan simply because they found freedom of becoming one.